Great Wolf Resort Hotel & Water Park

Location: Garden Grove, CA
Stats: 40 tilt-up panels around the 3 acre indoor water park
Complete: March 2015
Client: Turner Construction
Architect: Ware Malcomb
Engineer: Englekirk


Great Wolf Resort Accolades – Engineering News Record, American Concrete Institute & Tilt-Up Concrete Association

With four different types of concrete on this project: cast in place, slab on metal deck, tilt-up and shotcrete, the Great Wolf Resort Waterpark and Hotel in Garden Grove has won the following awards from the Engineering News Record and the American Concrete Institute. With two of the 40 tilt-up concrete panels weighing 12.5 tonnes and standing 84′ tall the Tilt-Up Association of America ranks these panels 9th in the Top 10 Tallest and Heaviest Panels in the United States. Click the links below to view the complete article and view rankings:

ENR Best Project Article: Specialty Contracting Category
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ACI Pankow Award: Outstanding Performance in Design & Engineering

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Tilt-Up Association of America Top 10 Tallest & Heaviest Panels

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Best Project Award ReceptionGreat Wolf Project Team at the ENR Awards Breakfast (from left): Ali Koofigar, Lynn Call, Joe Arciero, Chris Wills & Bryan Peugh

Pankow Award
Great Wolf Project Team at the ACI Pankow Awards Lunch (from left): Chris Wills, Joe Arciero, Lynn Call, Jade Earlabaugh (Holliday Rock – Readymix Supplier) Bryan Peugh, Ali Koofigar

Cast-in-Place, Slab on Metal Deck and 84′ Tall Tilt-Up Concrete at the Great Wolf Hotel and Waterpark

Largo Concrete recently began work on the 12-acre, outdoor themed, Great Wolf Hotel and Waterpark on Harbor Boulevard south of Disneyland. The 603-suite hotel is located at the back of the development behind the 3-acre indoor and outdoor waterpark, 30,000sf conference area and 18,000sf of retail and dining. Designed by architect Ware Malcomb and structural engineer Englekirk, highlights of the waterpark include the Howlin’ Tornado which drops riders 6-stories through a funnel and the Wolf Tail slide which takes riders in a 360 degree loop. The waterpark has designated zones for guests of different ages along with other child friendly entertainment such as miniature golf and bowling, an arcade, a resort-wide treasure hunt and story time each night in the lobby.

From a constructability perspective, perhaps the most unique feature on the project are the 84’ Tall Tilt-Up Concrete Panels at the waterpark. Panels of this height rank in the Top 10 tallest nationally according to the Tilt-up Concrete Association, and are believed to be the tallest free standing panels ever placed. Largo is scheduled to start erecting these panels this October. In addition to the waterpark, Largo is also constructing a 9-story cast in place hotel and a 3-story structural steel building with metal decks. Concrete-wise, there is a little of everything on this project.

During the lengthy pre-construction process Largo finalized design with all disciplines utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM). This powerful software is vital to the success of such a complex project as it provides the platform for the enhanced coordination, and collaboration, of all trades from schematic design through closeout. The General Contractor, Turner Construction Co., is working all areas of the development to meet the scheduled opening in the Spring of 2016. Largo Concrete estimates completion of our scope in March of 2015.

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Award ACI Pankow Award
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