New Hire Orientation – Employees at Largo attend New Hire Orientation at our Training Center. Safety is the emphasis of our training. We cover everything in our Company Policy and Procedure Handbook through means of verbal presentation, videos and handouts. Documentation is checked, paper work is filed and laminated training cards are awarded to each employee upon completion of orientation.

Yellow Hardhat Program – This program helps employees who have been with us six months or less and are at apprenticeship levels of their trade receive added supervision. Employees wearing yellow hardhats are paired up with more experienced employees wearing white hardhats. Once at employee has been employed for a six-month period, he is assigned a white hardhat. This program helps us control injuries obtained from new employees with minimal work experience.

Fall Protection Program – Includes training in leading edge formwork, proper equipment and tie-off procedures, controlled deck access and qualified personnel recognition.

Drug Testing Program – All employees adhere to a strict drug testing program upon their initial employment and are subject to retesting when rehired or when there is reasonable cause for suspicion, including any injury sustained on a project.

Site Safety Survey – Prior to the start of the job we will provide a site safety survey and review the following: OSHA Notification Forms, Dig Alert Notification, Construction Permits (for structures 36ft high or more), and Annual Construction Activity Permits that are needed for the job.

Hazard Communication Program

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Ladder Safety Program