ADA Access at the Plumeria House

Largo recently donated the concrete work for the patio and ADA ramps and sidewalks for the Plumeria House in Anaheim, CA. The Illumination Foundation led the effort of renovating the property to provide homeless shelter for children with disabilities.

The building will provide emergency housing for up to six families and is designed for children who are in wheelchairs, are dealing with other physical and developmental disabilities, or have chronic illnesses that require special accommodations. The bedrooms, all but one outfitted with bunk beds, can sleep five or six, depending on the age of the children. Plumeria House is meant for families to stay up to 90 days while they receive help in transitioning to more permanent housing. Each family will get help from a case manager, a nurse and a physician, and assistance in linking to social services and health care, including mental health services.