Crescent Dunes Solar

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Crescent Dunes Solar

The Crescent Dunes Solar project will generate 110Megawatts of renewable energy utilizing Concentrated Solar Power technology. Sun-tracking mirrors called Heliostats are spread out over a field nearly 2-miles in diameter and reflect the sun’s rays to a receiver located at the center of the field. The 100-foot-tall receiver is mounted on a 540-foot-tall pedestal and is filled with tubes which contain molten salt. The salt is heated to over 1,000 degrees which is used to generate steam, the steam then turns turbines to produce electricity. Most solar farms are limited to the daylight hours to be productive but the molten salt at Crescent Dunes can be stored at high temperatures and released to generate steam when there is demand. This makes it possible for the plant to continue to produce electricity 4 to 6 hours after the sun sets, a useful feature as a majority of the energy generated in Tonapah will be consumed in Las Vegas.

Location: Tonapah, NV

Scope: 9,348 Caissons for Heliostats

Complete: 2013

Client: Cobra

Engineer: Idom