UCSD Theater District Foundation Pours

Largo recently poured two mat foundations totaling 6,240 Cubic Yards at the UCSD Theater District Living and Learning project. Located at the south end of North Torrey Pines Road, the project consists of two stand-alone high-rises and a large parking podium with three mid-rise structures on top.

In addition to housing 2,000 students and parking 1,200 cars, the 1.3 million square foot development boasts an auditorium, classrooms, retail space and even hotel rooms. The first pour of 2,170CY took place on October 3 and is the foundation for a 16 level structure. The event began at 7AM and took 8 hours to complete with three pumps and 49 total workers. The second foundation pour for a 21 level building began one week later and took four pumps and 55 workers 11 hours to place 4,070CY. Largo is working with general contractor Kitchell Contractors, HKS Architects, and Walter P. Moore structural engineers to have the development complete for the Fall of 2023 semester.