Fauxtalian Development Ferrante set to Top Out in Los Angeles

Along the Harbor freeway between Temple and Beadry, the 10-acre Ferrante development is scheduled to top out early next month. The 1,500 unit residential complex is the latest endeavor by mega-developer Geoff Palmer who is known for buildings designed with Italian Renaissance architecture. The building features 30,000sf of commercial space at street level and 187,000sf of amenities including gyms, pools, tennis and basketball courts, open courtyards and even a karaoke room. With over 1million sq. ft. of elevated deck this three level parking podium was broken into three phases with the first phase on the north side scheduled to open during the Summer of 2021.

On average Largo poured a 16,000sf elevated deck twice a week over the course of 20 months. A shoring and tables forming system was used for the decks and a combination of three placing booms and a 58m truck mounted boom pump were used to place the readymix. In total Largo will have placed 76,000 CY will have been placed onsite. Developer and general contractor GH Palmer, Oakes Architects and VCA Structural Engineers plan to have all three phases complete by the end of the year.

Texas Capitol Mall Underground Parking Structure

Largo is currently working on the six level underground parking structure at the Texas State Capitol Complex in Austin. The 760,000gsf parking building is part of a massive overhaul of the Capitol Complex which aims at centralizing state agencies by providing grand civic spaces, an enhanced pedestrian experience, and connections to the surrounding community. The 984ft long building stretches three blocks from E Martin Luthor King Blvd. to 16th Street and will have a tree-lined pedestrian promenade on the top level. This first of three phases also includes two new office buildings whose underground parking levels tie into the Capitol Mall structure for a combined 4,400 stalls.

Largo is using Peri A frame 1 sided walls, Domino and Duo 2 sided walls and Bond 3 piece 8’ deck framing and pouring a 15,000SF deck every 3 days .  Four free standing placing booms are used to place concrete considering the tight logistics and access and three tower cranes are being used to move material around site with the largest capable of picking 19,000lbs. General contractor White Construction, Kirksey Architecture and Ensight Haynes Whaley structural engineer aim to have the 2,261 stall structure complete during the summer of 2021.

Gateway at Millbrae Tops Out along the new Harriet Tubman Way

Largo completed the Building 5A parking podium for the Gateway at Millbrae development earlier this month. The structure is seven levels above grade with retail space at street level followed by three levels of concrete parking decks and steel framed office space above. Republic Urban Properties is the developer on the transit-oriented project adjacent to the local rail station. The nine acre development includes 400 residential units, a quarter of which qualify as affordable housing with 80 units designated as veteran-preferred.

Largo used a Titan HV system for the 146,000sf of elevated deck. Segments of 34ft tall deck were shored with HV Mega Shores and HV 240 Frames. Largo is working with general contractors Blach and Cahill with Form 4, Inc. architects and DCI Engineers to have the project completed later this year.

The project is located north of Millbrae Avenue between Rollins Road and the recently renamed Harriet Tubman Way. Republic worked with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) commission to rename the street in front of the station to honor the legacy of the iconic abolitionist. Republic is currently working with the NAACP of San Mateo to commission a permanent freestanding outdoor art piece to further commemorate the most well-known ‘conductor’ of the Underground Railroad.

Prometheus Residential Podiums Top Out in the Bay Area

Two residential podium projects topped out in Mountain View, CA this month with the Prometheus Real Estate Development Group. The Tillery is located along Villa Street and The Hadley is two miles south along E. Evelyn Avenue., with both properties backing up to the Central Expressway.

The Tillery features two levels of below grade parking and a podium deck at street level for a total of 256,856gsf. The parking area holds 318 stalls and the four levels of wood frame above hold a total of 226 units. Largo is working with general contractor SBI Builders, BDE Architecture and Nelson Structural Engineers who plan to have the building open during the third quarter of 2021.

The Hadley Apartments for general contractor Palisade Builders have a similar configuration with two levels of below grade parking with a podium deck and wood framed residential above with a total of over 410,000sf. When complete the complex willhold 679 parking stalls and 471 residential units. The project is expected to be complete during the forth quarter of 2021 with BDE as lead architect and Nelson Structural Engineers.

Yerba Buena Island Condominiums Top Out

Largo Concrete poured the last concrete deck at the Yerba Buena Island Condominiums this month. The project is perched on the small island in the San Francisco Bay best know for its tunnel connecting the two spans of the Bay Bridge. The development begins at the corner of Macalla and North Gate Roads on the northeast side of the island and works it’s way up the hill. The structure is 257,380gsf with 2.5 levels of below grade podium parking and five levels of light gauge metal stud above it. Largo worked with DCI Engineers to deliver the superstructure in a design-build format. Tenants will enjoy views of the self-anchored suspension eastern span of the Bay Bridge with Oakland and Emeryville in the background to the east, and Treasure Island to the north. General contractor Cahill Contractors are BDE Architecture aim to have the development open in early 2021.