For 30 years, Largo Concrete, Inc. has been a leader in the structural concrete industry for a reason. Largo Concrete, Inc. cares. It is not enough that our clients are satisfied. It is not enough that our projects do well. Our clients have to be convinced and our projects must be phenomenal. Don’t just read the literature. Ask them.

Corporate Philosophy

From the time it was founded in 1989, Largo Concrete has attempted to conduct its business in accordance with certain core principles. The most important of these principles begins with the manner in which we, as a company and as numerous individuals acting as the representatives of that company, treat those with whom we interact. To some degree, this most important principle is unsaid, as what we actually do is more important than what we say we will do. 

Although what goes unsaid may be most important, it is nevertheless important to state what our principles are, particularly when we see how easy it is for people throughout the world to treat others in a less than ideal manner.  Largo and all those who work for it commit to working with integrity. This means attempting to safely provide the best quality product possible to our clients; treating those we work with politely, professionally and fairly; and promoting the principles of compassion, equality and inclusivity. We at Largo commit to doing everything we can on a daily basis to perform in this manner, and when we fall short of doing so, to make improvements. With our employees, we strive to provide a supportive work environment where they can reach their fullest potential.

While the work that Largo performs may be a small piece of what makes the world turn, we strongly believe that we should make every effort possible to make our world a better place. To accomplish this, we commit to condemning injustice and discrimination where we see it and to treating others in a way that makes them feel empowered and included.  We ask this of every employee who works for Largo, as well as of all companies and individuals for whom we work and who work for us.

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Community Contributions

A Tale of Two Towers

Across California, residents are feeling the pinch of a limited supply of housing. Largo Concrete is answering call by building thousands of units each years across the state from high-end luxury condominiums to low-income, affordable apartments. Two of the most impressive developments are the New Century Plaza Residences in Century City and the Miro Towers in San Jose; this is their story.

Century Plaza

During the summer of 2018 Largo poured over 20,000CY of concrete foundations for the New Century Plaza Residences. The foundations will eventually support two 49 level condominium towers in the heart of Century City.

Working with the world renowned Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and Harley Ellis Devereaux architects, the decks are shaped like reuleaux triangles in an effort to pay homage to the iconic Century Plaza Office Towers on the north side of Avenue of the Stars.

Reuleaux Triangle
Typical Floor Plan

In addition to the new towers Largo also performed the retrofit work on the adjacent historic Century Plaza Hotel.  Originally constructed in 1966, the renovation turned the building into a 400-key Fairmont Hotel with 63 condominium units on the upper floors.

Check out the entire Project Gallery below:

Miro Towers

Miro Towers Become the Tallest Buildings in San Jose

The Miro Towers became San Jose’s tallest structures this month when Largo poured level 29 at 291′ above street level! Located on the north side of E. Santa Clara Avenue between Fourth and Fifth, the buildings are across the street from City Hall which used to be the city’s second tallest structure. Miro will feature a total of 630 two and three bedroom units and 633 parking spaces.

Stressing Procedure

Transfer girders utilize four rows of post-tensioned cables which are progressively stressed throughout construction. The girders are located on level five above grade and are up to 72” wide by 64” deep! The additional rows of PT cables are spaced 6” apart and lay below a row of tendons which are stressed after placing level five. Upon completion of level ten the bottommost row is stressed, then the second from the bottom row is tensioned at level 15, ending at level 25.

Steinberg Hart Architects, DCI Structural Engineers, and general contractor Suffolk Construction are on schedule to have the Miro towers open early 2021.

In the heart of silicon valley, across the street from San Jose City Hall, Largo is pouring the concrete on two of the city’s tallest buildings. The Miro Towers feature 630 new residential units and 633 stalls of parking spread across three levels below grade and 28 levels above.

Two mat foundations were installed over the course of two weekends in April 2019 totaling 13,100CY to begin the superstructure. Designed by Steinberg architects and DCI structural engineers, the development is scheduled to be open late 2020.

Check out the entire Project Gallery below:

Silvery Towers

In January 2018 Largo topped out at the Silvery Towers also located in downtown San Jose. The east and west towers stand 22 and 20 stories respectively and sit atop of five parking levels, three of which are below grade. 

The buildings feature cast-in-place, post-tension decks with the east and west corner columns cast five degrees out of plumb. The “leaning” columns combine with meandering floor edges to lend a faceted appearance to the glass facade.

Check out the entire Project Gallery below: