The Loren Tops Out

The Loren at Lady Bird Lake topped out this month in Austin, TX with general contractor Hoar Construction. Located on the south end of the Lamar Blvd. Bridge the building features panoramic views of the lake and the downtown skyline. Two levels of below grade parking with 148 stalls and nine levels above grade make up the 290,339gsf cast-in-place building. The development has both a residential and hospitality component with 24 apartment style units and 108 hotel rooms under one roof. Residents and guests share the same amenities including a 24-hour concierge service, gym, spa and rooftop pool on level eight.

The design called for spread footing foundations and A-Frame shoring by Peri Formwork was used for the cast-in-place basement walls. Typical levels are 10ft 6in floor-to-floor with the penthouse and roof decks standing 13ft 6in and 14ft respectively. Typical deck pours averaged 12,500 and were poured every 6 days. Over the course of nine months Largo will have poured 15,119 Cubic Yards of concrete. Designed by architects Rhode Partners, Inc. and Viewtech, Inc. structural engineers, the development is scheduled to be open during the Spring of 2022.

5,450CY Foundation Pour at Courthouse Commons

At 5AM on May 22, Cemex and Associated readymix trucks began delivering loads to the Courthouse Commons jobsite in downtown San Diego. The site is caddy-corner from the Central Courthouse between W. Boardway and W. C Street. Once on site, five truck mounted boom pumps moved the readymix 50 ft. below street level to the foundation. Pumps ranged in size from 46 meters to 61 meters and were lined up along Union and Front Streets. The deepest part of the foundation was 14.5 ft. deep at the elevator pits. Pumping at a peak of 600CY/hour, the pour lasted 11 hours with the last finisher going home around 8PM. In total 5,450 cubic yards were placed by a 30-man placing crew, 20 finishers, 10 pump operators and a support group of 40 individuals.

Looking ahead, the next major milestone will be the placement of another mat foundation of 6,650CY on July 5. If all goes according to plan general contractor Holland Partners expects concrete to top out in April 2023. The project is designed by Carrier Johnson architects and Bryson Markulim Zickmantel structural engineers. The building is 44 total levels including five levels of below grade parking and the roof deck. Commercial retail space is located on street level with the following seven levels dedicated to office space. The next 28 levels will hold 431 residential units, 87 of which are subsidized for low income renters. Once completed the Courthouse Commons will be among the top five tallest buildings in San Diego.

Fauxtalian Development Ferrante set to Top Out in Los Angeles

Along the Harbor freeway between Temple and Beadry, the 10-acre Ferrante development is scheduled to top out early next month. The 1,500 unit residential complex is the latest endeavor by mega-developer Geoff Palmer who is known for buildings designed with Italian Renaissance architecture. The building features 30,000sf of commercial space at street level and 187,000sf of amenities including gyms, pools, tennis and basketball courts, open courtyards and even a karaoke room. With over 1million sq. ft. of elevated deck this three level parking podium was broken into three phases with the first phase on the north side scheduled to open during the Summer of 2021.

On average Largo poured a 16,000sf elevated deck twice a week over the course of 20 months. A shoring and tables forming system was used for the decks and a combination of three placing booms and a 58m truck mounted boom pump were used to place the readymix. In total Largo will have placed 76,000 CY will have been placed onsite. Developer and general contractor GH Palmer, Oakes Architects and VCA Structural Engineers plan to have all three phases complete by the end of the year.

Autography Collection / Residence Inn Set to Top Out in Oakland

The Autograph Collection / Residence Inn dual brand hospitality tower by Marriott tops out next month in Oakland, CA. The project is located along Jefferson between 14th and 15th St. in the Uptown District surrounded by restaurants, entertainment and nightlife. With a total of 275 guest rooms the 207,000gsf structure is spread across one level below grade and 19 levels above including the roof deck. The Residence Inn rooms occupy levels 3 to 11 with Autograph Collection units on the upper floors.

A mat foundation pour kicked off the concrete scope with a total of with a total of 1107.5CY. The pour began at 3 AM and the last finisher went home at 9 PM. 115 readymix truck loads were pumped through three truck mounted boom pumps averaging 109 CY per hour. Decks were formed with a Titan system and the concrete support self-climbing system was used to form the core. Typical deck pours averaged 1200sf and were pumped using a 30m placing boom.

The project was designed by Stanton Architecture and KPFF structural engineers. General contractor Millie & Severson, Inc. aims to have the building open for business during the Fall of 2021.

Speed Ramp Construction at Mt. San Antonio College Parking Structure

After topping out on the four levels of parking decks, Largo is currently working on the external speed ramps of the Mt. San Antonio College Parking Structure. The 818 stall structure is located in Walnut, CA on the southwest corner of West Temple and Bonita Drive. The external speed ramp configuration is used to efficiently usher vehicles in and out of the structure in large quantities and enhance pedestrian safety by reducing traffic on the parking levels.

Teams used a Gradall to hoist steel frames, deck tables and Cunningham beam into place to form the ramp. Beams were assembled with a combination of 10ft and 6ft sections to accommodate the 28ft span between columns and the four 24in x 36in downturn beams were handset. 16ft long, 2in diameter tube bracing was clamped to the steel frames to secure them in place.

Another feature used to enhance pedestrian safety is the 11ft-2in cantilevered walkway on the north side of level three. This pedestrian footpath will eventually connect to a bridge which spans West Temple Ave. allowing users quick access to the main campus without having to cross the street at the intersection. The 24ft high walkway will reduce pedestrian traffic in and around the structure by allowing patrons safe passage to their vehicles.

General contractor Tilden Coil, executive architect HPI and parking architect and structural engineer Walker Consultants expect to have the structure complete during the summer of 2021.

Texas Capitol Mall Underground Parking Structure

Largo is currently working on the six level underground parking structure at the Texas State Capitol Complex in Austin. The 760,000gsf parking building is part of a massive overhaul of the Capitol Complex which aims at centralizing state agencies by providing grand civic spaces, an enhanced pedestrian experience, and connections to the surrounding community. The 984ft long building stretches three blocks from E Martin Luthor King Blvd. to 16th Street and will have a tree-lined pedestrian promenade on the top level. This first of three phases also includes two new office buildings whose underground parking levels tie into the Capitol Mall structure for a combined 4,400 stalls.

Largo is using Peri A frame 1 sided walls, Domino and Duo 2 sided walls and Bond 3 piece 8’ deck framing and pouring a 15,000SF deck every 3 days .  Four free standing placing booms are used to place concrete considering the tight logistics and access and three tower cranes are being used to move material around site with the largest capable of picking 19,000lbs. General contractor White Construction, Kirksey Architecture and Ensight Haynes Whaley structural engineer aim to have the 2,261 stall structure complete during the summer of 2021.

Landmark II Tops Out in West Los Angeles

The Landmark II residential tower topped out this month along Wilshire Blvd. with general contractor Matt Construction. Looking south from Wilshire Blvd. the new building stands behind the Landmark II commercial office building between Granville and Stoner Avenues. The 35 level above grade structure holds 376 units with four levels of below grade parking for 421 cars.

The parking levels tie into an existing structure which had to remain operational throughout construction. Underpinning, or the process of strengthening the foundations of an existing structure, was part of seismic retrofit of the parking levels which was necessary to re-route traffic and create temporary access. Demolition of existing beams to connect the two parking structures included the de-tensioning of PT cables, and the installation of micropiles and an internally braced raker system.

The walls of the two cores are the primary lateral resisting system which were formed with EFCO Plate Girders to maximize the tie spacing. The elevator core formwork is supported by a self-climbing Power Tower PT-100 system. For the elevated decks Largo chose to use PERI perimeter tables with titan shoring for the handset portion of the decks. Gensler and Saiful Bouquet are the architect and structural engineer for the project which is scheduled to open during the Fall of 2021.

Gateway at Millbrae Tops Out along the new Harriet Tubman Way

Largo completed the Building 5A parking podium for the Gateway at Millbrae development earlier this month. The structure is seven levels above grade with retail space at street level followed by three levels of concrete parking decks and steel framed office space above. Republic Urban Properties is the developer on the transit-oriented project adjacent to the local rail station. The nine acre development includes 400 residential units, a quarter of which qualify as affordable housing with 80 units designated as veteran-preferred.

Largo used a Titan HV system for the 146,000sf of elevated deck. Segments of 34ft tall deck were shored with HV Mega Shores and HV 240 Frames. Largo is working with general contractors Blach and Cahill with Form 4, Inc. architects and DCI Engineers to have the project completed later this year.

The project is located north of Millbrae Avenue between Rollins Road and the recently renamed Harriet Tubman Way. Republic worked with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) commission to rename the street in front of the station to honor the legacy of the iconic abolitionist. Republic is currently working with the NAACP of San Mateo to commission a permanent freestanding outdoor art piece to further commemorate the most well-known ‘conductor’ of the Underground Railroad.

(W)rapper’s Exoskeleton Taking Shape

At the corner of West Jefferson and National Blvd. Largo is pouring the concrete at the first building in southern California featuring an exoskeleton structural system with general contractor Matt Construction. The commercial building features two levels of below grade parking and 17 levels above for a total of 355,180gsf. While the decks in a typical structure are supported by internal columns, walls and beams, designers for the (W)rapper decided upon a system outbound of the decks to maximize leasable space and create one of the most unique looking buildings in the region. Eight steel bands act as the exterior columns and wrap around the building on the outside of the glass façade in an abstract design with no particular pattern.

Largo began work back in June 2019 with the placement of the 5,600CY mat foundation pour. A total of 560 readymix truck loads were delivered to the site starting at 11PM June 7 to six truck mounted boom pumps. Two of the pumps were at street level and four were driven down a temporary ramp into the pit two levels below grade. Two additional boom pumps were located at street level to receive loads and reduce traffic in the pit by pumping readymix down to the booms in the pit for final delivery. In total 134 individuals were involved in traffic control, delivery, pumping, placing and finishing of the foundation with the cement masons heading home at 6PM June 8.

Largo finished pouring the core late last year which is being constructed independently from the office decks. The core will house the elevators, restrooms and mechanical, electrical and plumbing shafts the while the metal decks will make up the office space. The core had to be constructed ahead of the tower to assist in the erection of the unique framing system. Designers Eric Owen Moss Architects and Arup structural engineers anticipate having the building complete during the forth quarter of 2021.

Rental Car Quick-Turn-Around Facility Tops Out at LAX

With 127 fueling stations, the Quick Turn Around (QTA) building at the new LAX Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility will become the largest gas station in the world once open in 2023. The 1.1 million-square-foot building is four levels above grade and runs along La Cienega Boulevard north of Century Boulevard. The building is designed to house all maintenance and operations for seven major rental car companies at the third busiest airport in the world.

Instead of an internal ramping system, a “speed ramp” will be constructed on the west face of the building outbound of the main structure. The ramp will be used to transport cars between the QTA building and the Ready Return/Idle Storage structure to the west. This configuration is used to accommodate large volumes of vehicular ingress/egress and reduce traffic within the building.

Long truss deck tables were used to speed up the shoring process and ensure the schedule was met. The tables were 25-feet by 8-feet and required shoring on the two ends, which allowed a forklift to pass underneath the formwork. This eliminated most of the hand-set forming to reduce labor costs and enhance the speed of construction. Reshoring was done with 4,329 Peri MP 480 post shores. All column and wall forms were also pre-fabricated to enhance the schedule on the building with a 261-feet by 1,038-feet footprint.

Largo is working with general contractor PCL ConstructionPGAL architects and Englekirk structural engineers to have the concrete scope of work complete in early 2022. When complete, Largo will have poured over 51,000 cubic yards of concrete on the job.