Speed Ramp Construction at Mt. San Antonio College Parking Structure

After topping out on the four levels of parking decks, Largo is currently working on the external speed ramps of the Mt. San Antonio College Parking Structure. The 818 stall structure is located in Walnut, CA on the southwest corner of West Temple and Bonita Drive. The external speed ramp configuration is used to efficiently usher vehicles in and out of the structure in large quantities and enhance pedestrian safety by reducing traffic on the parking levels.

Teams used a Gradall to hoist steel frames, deck tables and Cunningham beam into place to form the ramp. Beams were assembled with a combination of 10ft and 6ft sections to accommodate the 28ft span between columns and the four 24in x 36in downturn beams were handset. 16ft long, 2in diameter tube bracing was clamped to the steel frames to secure them in place.

Another feature used to enhance pedestrian safety is the 11ft-2in cantilevered walkway on the north side of level three. This pedestrian footpath will eventually connect to a bridge which spans West Temple Ave. allowing users quick access to the main campus without having to cross the street at the intersection. The 24ft high walkway will reduce pedestrian traffic in and around the structure by allowing patrons safe passage to their vehicles.

General contractor Tilden Coil, executive architect HPI and parking architect and structural engineer Walker Consultants expect to have the structure complete during the summer of 2021.

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