UCSD Theatre District Building 4 Tops Out

Building 4 at the Theatre District Living and Learning Neighborhood topped out this month at UCSD. At 21 total cast-in-place levels, Building 4 is the second of two stand-alone high-rises at the $550m mega development planned to house 2,000 students.

All superstructure elements were constructed using type 1L concrete and building on the rich tradition of exposed architectural concrete on the campus. Forming systems included a self-climbing core by Forming Concepts and truss tables by Doka. To make the 8 month schedule our teams operated on a 7-day cycle for the typical levels. In total, 1,588 tons of rebar, 397,000LF of PT cable, and 15,235CY were placed over the course of short 11 months. Typical levels are 10ft 6in from floor-to-floor but select levels at 11ft and 11ft 6in mean shoring material had to be adjusted frequently. The building will be used primarily for student housing but will contain retail and office space as well.

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