Jackson Street Parking Structure

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The 700 Jackson parking structure topped out in April 2023 on the corner of Market Street and Wood Street in downtown Dallas. The 12 level parking structure is the first phase of a development located across the street from the courthouse, and a portion of the 1,219 parking stalls is already designated for county use. The structure is designed for retail space at street level, with a 20 foot high-bay second level deck, 11 levels of parking and the ability to accommodate future vertical expansion up to 15 levels. In addition to the 440,500 gross square feet of building area, Largo’s scope included 42,000 square feet of topping slab on metal deck and 4,355 square feet of pan filled stairs creating a total of 49 flights.

The two bays on the west, Market Street side, is where the future levels will be added once developers decide whether to build commercial office, residential or hospitality space. The building stands on 98 drilled piers between two and seven feet in diameter and up to 90 feet deep with two cores of two foot thick walls. Decks were formed using a PERI Garage Deck system with prefabricated beam units and slab tables. Each level was poured in three sections, averaging 12,500 square feet per pour with one pour happening each week. With 42 columns per level, the largest measuring 30×60 inches can be found in the western bays. The entire building was poured using truck mounted boom pumps, some of which were 70 and 75 meters for the upper levels. Largo poured over 26,000 cubic yards on this project, working with general contractor Azteca/Russel JV, Corgan architects, and AG&E structural engineers.

Location: Dallas, TX

Market Sector: Commercial

Square Feet: 471,045gsf

Stalls & Levels: 1,219 stalls across one level below and 12 levels above grade.

Complete: April 2023

Client: Azteca/Russel JV

Architect: Corgan

Engineer: AG&E